Summer in Quebec goes by quickly. It seems to me that as the leaves of the trees grow, as the flowers colour the ground, as the lakes warm up, and as our complexions caramelize, time is running out. The hot days lengthen, and we take the time to live the summer until the last rays of light, every day. That’s why I like to always be ready for a last-minute adventure. Going out of town and discovering nature makes me feel good. Drive to the adventure!

That is what I did with a group of friends from Montreal, whom I was looking forward to seeing again, during the long weekend of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. We went to explore the islands of the Parc Régional du Poisson Blanc, a vast territory dedicated to outdoor activities in Notre-Dame-du-Laus, in the Laurentians, Quebec. The territory of the park revolves around the magnificent reservoir of Poisson Blanc, a huge body of water dotted with more than a hundred islands on which are developed wild camping sites. We had booked ours several weeks in advance and when we left, the weather forecast was 3 days of rain… lots of rain! Because yes, summer is also the rainy season. Nevertheless, we couldn’t wait to see each other, admire the landscapes and disconnect from the city.


I’ve always loved the rain in nature. The smell of the forest comes out, the sound of the water falling, the freshness of the water drops on my skin. Most people cover themselves and go home, but I like to live it, because it takes a few days of rain to fully appreciate the beautiful sunny days.


So, we started the day by paddling! With the canoes well filled, we paddled to our campsite, about 1 hour from the main cabin. Luckily, the rain had stopped, and we were able to navigate easily. Once we arrived, we set up camp and went to discover our island!


There is nothing like being well equipped to fully enjoy a day in the great outdoors and INDYEVA’s “hiking essentials” collection does it all for me!