We are thrilled to be launching our new and exclusive upcycled sweater for the FW23 season.

This launch is a major milestone in our efforts towards becoming a truly sustainable brand and mitigating waste at every step of the supply chain.



Consuming new clothing will never be without impact on the environment. That being said, we believe that offering quality products that can be worn for a long time, can be repaired and that are made using ecological fabrics as much as possible is a step in the right direction.

Animal Welfare

Although there is no legislation that requires us to do so, Indyeva chooses its entire supply chain to be certified by the Control Union for the Responsible Down Standard. Our hopes for the down insulation we use is to respect the Five Freedoms for the ducks and geese that provide us with the warm and lightweight properties in our coats and jackets in the most rigorous climate.

Down is a sustainable resource. Therefore, it is an obvious choice to choose a natural insulation since it reduces our footprint at the end of the product life cycle because of its biodegradability compared to synthetic insulation. Virgin polyester fibers require extraction of crude oil to develop synthetic insulation and takes longer to decompose while having a greater impact on landfills if a second life is not given to the product.


Indyeva Certificate number CU 857449.


The selection of our material is based on a methodology that helps us focus on our sustainable goals and avoid risk in the supply chain management. Indyeva prioritizes partnerships with fabric mill partners under the bluesign® certification. The bluesign® organization set the highest standards regarding sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products.

Management manufacturing process is based on high criteria that sets standards for sustainable working conditions and consumer’s health while ensuring responsible management of water use, water waste and multiple components (dyes and chemicals) involved from the raw material to the end of the fabric process.


Indyeva is presently working with manufacturers that possess accreditations and certifications related to working conditions, human rights and management systems. It is our responsibility to select partners aligned with labor standards that are recognized internationally.

Corporate Certification

In 2019, Indyeva has been participating at the Sustainable Development Program by the city of Montréal. This program provides a management support to companies through some ideation workshops leaded by qualified and accredited CID experts. We were lucky to get the support of Ellio, that helped us to find innovative solutions and to bring sustainable eco-friendly actions in our environmentally responsible process during a full year.

In 2020, Apropoz Distribution Inc (Indyeva’s company) is honoured to have been granted by the ÉCORESPONSIBLE™ Level 1 certification, whose rights are held by the CID organism. We are very proud to have merged our workers teams in this changement preparation stage. This certification gives more value to our products and services offer and allowed us to catch every sustainable development aspects.

“This all process has been a very enriching personal and professional experience. Sharing it and discussing about current responsible development challenges with diverse companies leaded us to see more of is global impact.”

- Maud Thiery, Raw Material Sourcing manager

Where we stand

Indyeva wants to adopt sustainable measures in its business practices. Our initiatives, whether environmental, social or economic, must follow our corporate philosophy and values without compromising the development of our products that are durable, functional and modern in its design to the respect of all beings.

2025 goal

Year after year, we have increased the recycled synthetic fibers as well as natural and organic fibers used, to reach 100% by 2025. Look for our green hang tag on our clothes.

Humans are part of nature

Humans are part of nature. It is imperative to engage in its conservation to ensure that natural resources are protected and that future generations are knowledgeable enough to make the right consumption choices.

Joining forces

We are proud to be a member of the Sustainability Working Group to support actions taken by the outdoor industry in the fight against climate change. We do our best to uphold the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations.

Our partners