The beauty of the Rockies is that you can hike all year round. Even if there is snow higher up in elevation, you can always find something a little lower near the city, but at proximity to the mountains.

Sulfur Mountain in Banff is my favorite winter hike option, as it can be accessed any time of the year. This hike is very popular, no matter what, even if it's snowy there are good chances others will have groomed the trail for you! Hence why I try not to go too early in the morning! Please note that the trail may be slippery if warm/rainy conditions have occurred, poles and microspikes may be a good option. I recommend to always check Parks Canada’s website to know the trails conditions/closure before heading out.



The proximity to Sulfur Mountain is a must, the trail is located about 5 minutes from the town of Banff. Which is perfect if you want to end your hike with a little coffee and a treat in town. The trailhead is also very easy to access and simple to find even when the trail is snow covered. The trail has a total of 655m elevation gain in a 5.5km switchback trail so the elevation is moderate, nothing too steep. When you reach the top, you will get to a total elevation of 2,451m. You will be treated to a magnificent 360 degree mountain view with breathtaking views of the Banff town, the iconic Mount Rundle and the valley across from Banff. It is possible that the wind is a little stronger at the top and the temperature is a little colder so I recommend that you bring a warm layer. I opted for the Pecora sweater made from POLARTEC®, it is perfect in colder conditions, not to mention I love its longer cut at the back which keeps you warm.



Sulfur Mountain is unique, as you can also access the top via a gondola. I highly recommend this hike for young families as the level is moderate. Also, you can always take the gondola down, it can be a good motivation for the little ones, not to mention that there is also a cafe at the top! If you decide to go back hiking, you will have to take the same path again, you will end your day with a great 11 km round trip hike.

Have a good hike!