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Filmmaker and photographer Annie-Claude Roberge has travelled the globe for over 20 years now constantly chasing stories about small gems and great beauties of the world. A woman of heart, vision and emotion, she is the creator of the production company Sekoya in which she leads her own projects with heart and authenticity.

In Canada, this gifted filmmaker is a reference regarding the wealth, culture and anthropological aspect of the First Nations. She has also sharpened her skills with flair and intuition while travelling in over 60 countries around the world where she captured adventure in all its forms. She has the invaluable gift of connecting with people from other cultures, regardless of language barrier or social status.

Annie-Claude Roberge

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“To take the best pictures, you have to give your time and energy to build trust and create true friendships. These priceless relationships are the difference between a beautiful picture and a unique one.”

Here is the story of one of her adventures in Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, that took place just before the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Copyright © 2021 - Annie-Claude Roberge

In the winter of 2020, I went to Lapland to visit my Sámi friends and prepare the future shooting of a documentary film. I was so happy to be back in this magical place in the heart of the Arctic Circle. During my first trip to Scandinavia in 2019, I fell in love with this remote territory of our planet. I was glad to return there to build a deeper connection with these people who have deeply touched and inspired me in many ways.

This year, I established my base camp in Tana Bru, a small municipality in the heart of Finnmark. This region in the far north of Norway is part of Lapland which stretches over three adjacent countries: Finland, Sweden and Russia. This land is inhabited by the Sámi, the last indigenous people in Northern Europe. I was there to share and learn about their way of life and their vision of the world.

Copyright © 2021 - Annie-Claude Roberge

I had the chance to accompany my friend Froode, a reindeer breeder, in the heart of the Tundra. He introduced me to his herd of several thousand heads. These friendly animals, which are from the same family as the North American caribou. They have been domesticated by man for a little more than 2,000 years and raised in semi-liberty in order to provide meat, milk and leather. They can also be mounted and harnessed. Here, in the heart of the Norwegian tundra, reindeers move over an immense territory according to a precise itinerary depending on the pastures and foods available. The task of the herders is to protect them from predators and also help them get food, especially during snowstorms because they struggle to scrape the ground when there is a thick layer of snow and ice.

Copyright © 2021 - Annie-Claude Roberge

It has been a joy and privilege to have been able to explore this Arctic territory in the company of these extraordinary people who continue to keep their traditions through time. I was lucky to be able to explore the awe-inspiring landscapes and to soak up the hospitality of the locals. I don't know where my work will take me, how many more encounters I will have the privilege to make and how many more stories I still have to tell. What I do know is that I am still discovering places and people that touch me deeply and that taught me to be whole and humble with nature.

Copyright © 2021 - Annie-Claude Roberge


During my explorations in northern territory, I have had the opportunity to wear the Pero jacket by Indygena. It is simply warm, comfortable, cozy and it protects me from the cold and high winds. It was a privilege to have had access to such a high-quality garment that allowed me to stay outside for long periods of time to practice my profession as a filmmaker and photographer.

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