Get Ready With Me! Follow me as I reveal my essentials to face the icy mornings in the backcountry! šŸ„¾šŸ”

My essential multilayer system is the key to braving the chilly morning with a sustained ascent, then enjoying the gentle rays of sunshine on the way back to camp.Ā 

Let me introduce you to my favorite combo to ensure I stay warm but also avoid sweating during the climb,Ā here'sĀ what I wear:Ā 

  • A lightweight base layer for breathability and comfortĀ (BARISĀ Top)
  • Merino wool blends to regulate body temperatureĀ (LENOĀ Top and Bottom)
  • Synthetic down insulation to keep me nice and warmĀ (BOONĀ Jacket and Shorts)
  • Technical pants forĀ optimalĀ freedom of movementĀ (ESCALON)
  • AĀ PolartecĀ jacket for extra warmthĀ (KAULA)
  • Thick Gore-Tex coat to protect me from the elementsĀ (SCHALE)
  • Gaiters to keep my feet dry and snow-freeĀ (RIGA)
And of course, all the necessary gear for a successful hike!


Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā