I often say that in life, everything is about perspective. It couldn't be more accurate than here on Entrée Island: the vastness of a 7 km2 land area.

This charming little island is the only inhabited island that is not connected to the rest of the Magdalen Islands archipelago. About fifty people, mostly of Scottish and Irish origin, live there, to the rhythm of nature and the sea, which is so precious to them. Fishing is the main economic activity on the island.

You have to get there by sea and you can discover it on foot. I had the chance to board the comfortable Béatrice Hubert boat with the business Excursions en mer. The trip lasts approximately 45 minutes and is entirely part of the experience. You can admire the sea birds and the particular geology of the island. Our guide, Hugues, shared with us the history of Entrée Island and the way of life of its people, with a lot of humor. He also tested our historical knowledge. Note that it was with the Quebec Act in 1774 that the Islands came under the jurisdiction of Quebec.



I’m aware that this “Hike of the Month” is not an actual “hike”, but I was so mind blown by the unique landscapes of this Island that I decided to talk about it anyways. Actually, the highest point of Entrée Island is 170 m (which remains the highest peak in the Magdalen Islands). 

Big Hill stands in the center of the common Prairie. The start of the trail is a short walk from the harbor. You’ll pass the only restaurant on the island, a church, a former school, a CLSC with a single nurse on its team, and the post office.

During your ride, you’ll have the chance to meet cows and wild horses, free to graze in the meadow. Here, the houses are fenced, not the other way around!



Fall is already well installed; the shimmering colors of the landscapes turn golden to the delight of the eyes and I can feel the wind in my hair.

The wind is quite intense, actually! Bring several layers of clothing. At least, it was a beautiful sunny day in September and I was 100% comfortable with my DUCI. An essential item for my trips!

In short, I strongly recommend Entry Island during your next stay in the Magdalen Islands. A true gem!