Summer in the Pacific Northwest only lasts for 3-4 months, so getting outside to enjoy the sunshine is key. Oregon has been seeing warmer summers each and every year, making it hot for hiking. I choose to hike in the mornings or evenings to hike at a comfortable temperature. As I started this hike, Spencer Butte in Eugene, Oregon, it was 84 degrees. There are several wildfires in the area, so I was curious to see how the sunset colors might look from the summit. 

On today’s hike, I wore my ARIN overalls, which moved about my body and kept me cool as I hiked. The overalls have an SPF of 30+ which is good for the hot summer sun. Not to mention the overalls are full of pockets; perfect for adventuring! As I sweat the overalls don’t get moist either, which keeps me cozy as the sun sets. 

I wore my ARIN overalls the previous weekend camping and was surprised how perfect they were for daytime, by keeping me protected from the sun. Plus, the floral pattern is so cute. Finding cute hiking clothes as a woman can be challenging, but having clothing that I can wear from a hike to the brewery is possible with Indyeva.

Eugene is an epi-center for many beautiful hikes. Since the wildfires in the state have been abundant; I was unable to choose the hike I wanted for sunset today. It is important to know before you go and do your research before doing a hike. Some things that I always check before driving to a trailhead:

  1. Road conditions: Is the hike accessible by car?

  2. Weather: Is it safe to complete the hike? Check for fires, landslides, and blowdowns.

  3. Tell a friend: I always tell somebody where I am going.

There are many ways to the top of Spencer Butte, but today I took the forested section because I wanted to be out of the sun. The hike is short and sweet, 1.7 miles out and back with 741 feet of elevation gain. If you want more of a workout, take the shorter steeper trail to the left, otherwise, continue to the right. 

After hiking through the lush green forest, the man-made staircase at the top of the butte will take you to the summit. Be cautious of poison oak, as it is out this time of year. There are plenty of places to hang out at the top and find a little bit of privacy. I have some typical spots that I enjoy as sometimes it is quite busy this time of year. 

As I waited for golden hour, the summit filled up with hikers there to watch the sunset. Golden hour was the best time for colors that night, as the sunset was faint purples. As I hiked out in the dark forest, a big buck ran in front of me on the trail; something I typically don’t witness with my dogs. 

Regardless if a hike is busy or not, enjoying the small moments with the trees, animals, and myself is a place of reflection, processing, and relaxation. 

Enjoy your hike!

Logan Marie /