Our Ambassadors

Pascale Anctil

"As an ambassador for Indyeva, it is an honor to represent a brand that not only understands my love for adventure but also creates clothing designed to fit the silhouettes of modern women. Every piece I wear tells a story of exploration and connection with nature. Join me on this adventure, where fashion and functionality meet at the summit of every mountain, along every river, and through every trail. Together, let's explore the world, protect our environment, and embrace the timeless style of Indyeva."

Claudia Gilbert

"Like Indyeva, I am... versatile! A veterinarian, but also a host, explorer, journalist, and mom, I travel the world meeting wild animals, but above all, exceptional people who seek to save the world. On a TV set or in the bush, Indyeva follows me everywhere. I need highly functional clothing for my adventures around the world, but Indyeva is also there when I need to look professional in the clinic or stylish on a TV set."

Camille De Francesco

"For almost 10 years, I've had the chance to work with the Indyeva team as a model, explorer, and now ambassador. It feels natural for me to promote the brand that represents the perfect combination of comfort, sport, and chic. Whether it's for teaching my yoga classes, going on a hike, walking in the city, or a social gathering, every occasion is perfect for wearing Indyeva. I know all the work that goes into each collection, and it is a source of pride to collaborate with such a human-centered brand!"

Janelle Forster

"Nature connects me with myself, my goals, my dreams, and the essentials of my life. It gives me the time and space needed to clarify what truly matters, creating an atmosphere where the usual chatter of my busy life fades into the background. No matter what I am doing outside, I am completely grounded in the present moment. Additionally, having the opportunity to share these experiences with the people closest to me is very special."

Maud Thiery

"Passionate about the outdoors since arriving in Canada and drawing from my background as a textile engineer, I joined the Indyeva team with both personal and professional enthusiasm. This brand perfectly embodies my passion for outdoor activities. Adventure is a way of life for me, an inexhaustible source of challenges, whether through hiking, running, or traveling. I cherish every moment spent outside, breathing fresh air and exploring new horizons, always accompanied by my Indyeva clothing that I love to test. Every Monday, I return to the office full of energy, ready to share my experiences and provide detailed feedback on the products I’ve tested. I love discovering future products that will spark your curiosity, and most importantly, putting them to the test to ensure your complete satisfaction."

Caroline Lachapelle

"Passionate about the outdoors and getaways in all seasons, I never get tired of setting off on adventures to discover new peaks! I am a nature lover, and being comfortable while exploring is the best feeling! I am more than thrilled to join the wonderful Indyeva community to share the joy of feeling good in what we wear and doing so with a clear conscience. It is important to me to support causes that are dear to me, such as the environment and the protection of our green spaces. We'll probably cross paths on a hiking trail, see you out there!"

Chloé Dussault -Benoit

"I have always been passionate about the outdoors and adventures. I love discovering new activities or places, and every weekend is a great opportunity to escape into nature, where I feel my best. I appreciate that Indyeva clothing allows me to do all this in comfort and style. It's also a brand with which I share important values, and it's essential for me to promote companies that respect our planet and nature. As a photography enthusiast, I hope to raise awareness and shine a light on Indyeva through my photos."

Anik Magny

Anik embodies the spirit of adventure, a true globetrotter with a nomadic heart. It is her photos taken during her travels that fuel her stories. Blending fiction and documentary reportage, her illustrated tales aim to transport readers to distant lands. More than just an escape, her writings seek to awaken deep empathy for others and highlight our shared humanity, while fostering love and respect for our planet. Anik also works as a hiking and meditative walking guide for Hike MTL, a company that introduces people from cultural or marginalized communities to outdoor activities.

Emmanuelle Barrette

"Competitive sports are an essential part of my life. I am passionate about the pursuit of excellence and the constant search for challenging endeavors. It is with this spirit that I choose Indyeva clothing for my more technical activities, as I know they perfectly combine performance, comfort, and style. Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is crucial in the outdoor industry. Whether through spontaneous trips, mountain hikes, nature runs, or sports challenges, I always find a source of inspiration and vitality in wearing clothes that perfectly align with my values."