Let me introduce myself, Pascale Anctil. I have been contemplating life for 31 years, almost 32. I am a lover of nature, probably just like you: horizons and sunsets are parts of my DNA. 

When I discovered the clothing brand Indyeva almost 4 years ago, it was their collections and their straightforward and timeless designs that had seduced me. Their new Spring/Summer collection could not have launched at a better time! Indeed, I was planning to go visit the Easterm Townships soon and my new clothing from Indyeva motivated me even more to go conquer the peak of Mount Orford.

I took this opportunity to test the comfort and efficiency of these technical clothes. I decided to roll them in my backpack and drive to the Appalachians, an impressive mountain chain.

I bet that I will be the best equipped with my favorite rainjacket Kisa, my crampons and my camera. My honey coloured Kisa, will bring sun and heat to this 3D landscape with taints of Mars. 

Ready or not, here I come! 

Sunday: Departure from Quebec to Orford Mount

The hike is scheduled for tomorrow.

The day has finally come.  Everything was going as planned, until…

RED ALERT! The website displays a weather alert! 


It’s Monday and we are leaving the Eastern Townships on Wednesday. Fortunately, we have one extra day. Our special day will be postponed to tomorrow. Even better, the weather is going to be sunny and warm.

Tuesday: Same routine as the day before. 

In our cabin without electricity, we manage to save our batteries and capture a bit of signal.

Les coteaux Missisquoi, Quebec province, Canada

Les coteaux Missisquoi, Quebec province, Canada


Last verifications…

The park is open, awesome! 

And here we go: back pack, burner, fire starter, headlamp, water bottle, knife, dehydrated food and dry clothes. We have everything!

Kisa honey (P12RJ070), Frivol cactus (E12ID056), Lastik ginger (E12IP002), Halka cactus (E12IT003), Sahra agathe (E12ZB026)

Kisa honey (P12RJ070), Frivol cactus (E12ID056), Lastik ginger (E12IP002), Halka cactus (E12IT003), Sahra agathe (E12ZB026)

The sun is on our side, and life is beautiful.  Let’s go!

After setting foot in the snow, I realize that it actually melted into Slush Puppie! 

I did not plan that.

Since we arrived here, we’ve been stepping on nothing but rocks, dirt and ice layers. What was I thinking? Of course, there is snow on the mountains!

It is safe to say that my mental preparation had not gone that far. I had imagined all the possible scenarios in my head. At least, that was what I thought. Never mind! It adds a bit more difficulty and endurance.  

By the way, did I tell you that I’m not sporty, but I’m more of a contemplative person? 

Finally, I come to realize that every step is satisfying, since the surroundings are rapidly changing. The horizon is more defined step after step and the Mountain chains are appearing from far away. Lakes are surrounding the whole area on a 360° view.

Clouds are starting to cover this pleasant blue sky. Winds are being felt, mostly from the west side of the mountain. I would not have liked being here yesterday! At a speed of 30km/h, the wind will make you lose your hat! The sun is slowly but surely coming down across this cloudy sky. Happy hour is rapidly transforming into a blue hour.  

The satisfaction is being felt and the descent will be as amusing! 

Back to the car, 20h06. 

I’m hungry! It would be time for... 

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