Easter weekend is a great opportunity to hit the road and make a seasonal trip out to the West Coast in Tofino, BC. This small town on Vancouver Island lives and breathes surfing. Many enthusiasts cover hundreds of kilometres every summer to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean. The West Coast can also mean rainy weather and Tofino definitely receives its share with an average of 210 days of rain every year. There are no reasons to be afraid. You might just want to make sure you pack a rain jacket before leaving! 

That being said, Tofino seemed like the perfect place to put my new Indygena KISA jacket to the test. It turned out to be the best jacket I could have asked for! Read below to find out why the KISA jacket should be on your list this summer.


This jacket offered all the protection from the elements I could have asked for during my trip. Its waterproof fabric allowed me to stay dry while hiking through the rain forest, yet it also kept me sheltered from the wind at the beach.

The seams and the zipper are weather sealed, making the jacket protective but also very good looking!



I’ve always had a hard time trying to find a jacket that would deliver both functionality and style but the generous front pockets, the long cut and the reflectivity of this jacket are game-changing. This piece is an excellent option for going from the beach to the restaurant.


The Hood

Another great aspect of this jacket is its roomy hood allowing you to wear a beanie and be protected from the rain and wind, all at the same time. The beautiful seam patterns and the even prettier Indygena logo make this jacket that much more attractive!

Spring is always filled with surprises and we’ve got to be ready for anything it throws at us. Don’t let the rainy days keep you from playing outside! The KISA jacket will quickly become your go-to for all your outdoor adventures.


Text by Hana Social - Marie-Eve Bilodeau-Corriveau @miniuii

Photos: Raphaël Couturier @raphcouturier