Designed for you to fully enjoy your outdoor activities by making no compromise on comfort and style, INDYGENA clothes are created from the most suitable technical fabrics.

Many of you asked us about the fabrics used in the making of our coats. Here's the answer! Our team is constantly looking for the best materials to use for its upcoming collections. Many fabrics come into the making of our coats, which each offer interesting features.

Let's take a favorite coat as an example: AYABA. It is made of 4 fabrics:

1. Cotton Touch

This technical fabric has the velvety and soft touch of cotton while being waterproof and breathable. It will keep you dry and evaporate your perspiration. The surface of the fabric is treated with a durable water repellent finish.

A tip: The water repellent can easily be reactivated by the heat of a dryer in only a few minutes.

2. Lamination

INDYGENA hydrophilic lamination is a waterproof and breathable barrier. It protects against water while its vapor path attracts perspiration. It gives the natural down a protection against humidity, thus offering it the best environment to perform as insulation. Our laminations are engineered to be lighter and smoother than other regular polyurethan barrier.

3. Natural Down

Natural down is considered to be the elite of insulation. It has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than synthetic insulation due to its high-loft clusters that trap air and body heat. It is incredibly compressible, light and durable. Unlike synthetic insulation, natural down can keep its fluffy properties for decades.

4. Seam Sealing Tape

The function of the seam sealing tape is to block the seam's small holes. Applied with the seam-sealing machine, the tape will melt on the lamination-coating and will provide a fully sealed and waterproof seam.

Check out more technical details while browsing our coats here. Shop the AYABA coat at your nearest retailer. Find it here.